Professionals and executives, in order to be effective managers, leaders, and team players, must be able to capably draw upon their skills, knowledge, and experience. However, for executives, the very environment in which they operate can serve as a barrier to professional development. This is because at the executive level, an individual’s access to open and honest peer feedback, as well as any kind of informal learning, training, or authentic mentoring, is often impractical. This is generally a result of political pressures and personal agendas that can get in the way of honest communication and transparency of intent, driving executives to withhold or suppress relative and sometimes critical developmental needs.

For managers or team players at other levels in an organization, role transitions or promotions or high-profile project work may insight confidence or blind spot issues or performance bar pressures that can be difficult or overwhelming.
Whatever the reason, be they a solid performer who wants stronger capabilities or an executive in crisis, Management Possible® Silent Partner Coaching provides the personal and professional support and discipline to achieve his or her desired goals. More importantly, Management Possible delivers a structured engagement that also aligns with the organizational goals ensuring a net positive impact on the business.

Whats the Edge?

Our need to connect is stronger than our need for safety*

Human beings have a need to belong that is considered by neuroscientists and psychologists to be more powerful than the need for physical safety and security. As we learn more about the neuroscience behind social interactions, we are learning that interactions cause us to either move towards others or move from others, and each interaction has the power to trigger protection or growth.

Interactions trigger states of mind, which are driven by our millions of minute-by-minute neurochemical reactions, translating into how we build trusting relationships with others, how we communicate, and how we shape our environments for mutual success. Conversational intelligence® is what separates those who are successful from those who are not – in business and in relationships.
– Judith E. Glaser, The Creating WE Institute

Silent Partner Coaching starts with trust and self-awareness. This developmental program is strategically designed to focus on relationships which support your managers and leaders and allow them to perform significantly better in a short period of time. Our coaches create space for growth and demand rigorous practice.

The Process

Baseline – Begin by focusing on self-discovery and self-awareness.

Strategize and Visualize – Contextualize issues, relationships, challenges, aspirations, targets, success, gaps, and needs.

Practice and Apply – Expand and develop, practice, reflect, learn, discover, deal with blind spots, be uncomfortable, and learn how to apply these new skills.

Evaluate and Measure – Alignment check, achievement check, and impact evaluation for business and stakeholders.

Who’s it For?

Anyone in your organization looking for development and change in how they perform. Newly promoted, the high-potential, the stuck executive, the newly formed team, the team who has lost steam, the C-suite in need of reflection and direction, executive leaders, mid-level managers and leaders — they can all benefit from the Silent Partner Coaching program.

Who’s it For?
How It Works

How It Works

The Silent Partner Coaching program is a totally personalized experience for each participant. Our trained and credentialed coaches work bimonthly or monthly with each participant one-on-one. Coaches are able to quickly assess desired learning needs and mutually formulate a development plan designed to challenge the participant while engaging them to chart their own growth. However, all coaching is targeted to align with organizational goals and objectives relative to the individual’s job role and expected performance capability. Both the participant and the coach accept full accountability for successful achievement and desired results.

With the Silent Partner program, there will be:

  • A clearly defined understanding of the role of the participant and the coach.
  • A strictly confidential, deliberate procedure of observation, inquiry, dialogue, and discovery.
  • A continuous process of assignments driven by reflection and practice.
  • An effective method of measuring the mastery of the learning targets.



At Management Possible, we can help develop a team or employees at any level, allowing them to become more efficient in their work and more productive for the company.

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