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PXT Select is a tool that allows you to find the best candidates for your business and helps to improve the overall experience for employees. There are several ways to use this tool to benefit your company.

  1. You can make better promotion decisions moving employees with the right level of experience, capability, and long-term commitment for the work.
  2. You can build a better leadership bench with a better approach to succession using unbiased science and technology to more effectively balance an employee’s experience and performance for a specific role.
The research has been done. The facts are in. Science does an outstanding job
in aiding employee-based decisions. Assessments are an invaluable tool for an organization looking to out-perform and out-grow its competitors.
Would you like to join those ranks?

The most expensive problems your company deals with today can be solved with a better understanding of the people you employ. Our assessments provide you with information you can use for hiring, promoting, succession planning, 360-degree feedback, management development, training, motivating, improving customer service, as well as a host of other employee issues.

The “Gold Standard” of Assessments

We offer employee assessments and talent management solutions that help your organization select the right people and develop them to their full potential. Our assessments are the industry gold standard in terms of validation. They provide highly validated and entirely reliable information which can help your organization make more informed decisions for employee selection, employee development, and effective succession planning.

Here’s why you should consider including assessments as part of your workforce strategy:
  • Make better hiring decisions
  • Reduce employee turnover
  • Accelerate on-boarding
  • Target developmental needs
  • Align talent with business needs
  • Improve communication between managers and workers
  • Reduce workplace conflict
  • Reduce theft and absenteeism
  • Improve sales performance
  • Improve customer satisfaction and loyalty

Measure the Total Person

Our products measure the total person. We measure the three most important dimensions of human beings: thinking and reasoning, behavioral traits, and occupational interests.

PXT Select™ included reports:

  • Comprehensive Selection Report
  • Multiple Position Report
  • Performance Model Report
  • Team Report
  • Manager-Employee Report
  • Individual’s Feedback Report
  • Individual’s Graph
  • Coaching Report
  • Sales Selection and Coaching reports

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Designed for Business

Our products, while both reliable and valid, are specifically developed for business use. We do not attempt to take a general assessment and make it work in a business setting. Rather, we create each assessment so that it is relevant to businesses.

Want It All? – Get A Profiles Assessment Center

If you’ve tried an assessment or two and have found the powerful results you can drive using assessments and would like to incorporate them more strategically into your business – all the way from hiring through development and promotion – then let us know. An Assessment Center is easily integrated into your business as a web-based solution. Completely customizable for just the assessments you want. You can administrate your own assessments easily, generate reports to individuals and managers, and have control over your database of assessment information. Give us a call to learn more about how you can incorporate an Assessment Center into your workforce strategy. At Management Possible, we want to provide you with the tools you need to help your business thrive.

Download the PXT Select™ Report Guide that shows all reports available from the assessment.

Click Here to set up a free 30-45 minute strategy session with an assessment coach to see how this tool aligns to your business hiring and development goals and get all your questions answered. We will call at the time that works for you. This session is WITH A COACH that helps people use the PXT Select™, NOT A SALESPERSON so you can get all your in-depth assessment questions answered.

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