Heroic leadership is over and team leadership has set in. Leadership is less about creating followers toward the change than it is about influencing the conversation and driving the collaboration toward the common goal. The definition of leadership has changed. Leadership can and should be encouraged to emerge at all levels in an organization regardless of role or title. This self-driven, self-initiating capacity has substantial implications for how leaders are identified, assessed, and developed.

Social leading is what leaders are capable of today. This means they are effective in understanding traditional work of leadership while at the same time are capable of bridging the gap to the less formal social structure of an organization — the place where the conversations are happening, where collaboration is taking place, where communities (divisions, work groups, project teams) are connecting, where decision making lives in the moment. It is precisely this bridge that brings agility to an organization in times of adaptability and fast change.

Work of Leaders + Social Leadership = Integrated Models for Leaders Now

Work of Leaders + Social Leadership = Integrated Models for Leaders Now

Information is everywhere. Learning can happen at any time — it’s how you make sense of it all and influence others to leverage that makes all the difference. This is true regardless of organizational structure. Learn how the traditional bones of leadership work integrate with the muscle and connective tissue of social leadership to drive a significantly more agile organizational leadership capability.

Focus on the Leader: Cultivate An Authentic Leader

Mid-Level Leader Coaching
Senior and Executive Level Coaching

We work with your individual leaders to ensure they receive the personalization necessary to actually develop, change, and improve as leaders. We’ll do this “in concert,” working behind or alongside your leadership development program. Or you can choose to “go solo” and we’ll work on an individual or cohort basis. Cultivate who your leaders are in direct association with where your company wants to go.

Focus on the Leader: Cultivate An Authentic Leader

Focus on the Leadership Team

Business challenges continue to grow exponentially in terms of complexity, interconnectedness, the speed of change, and there is more to come. No single leader can effectively meet all the demands placed on them. More brains working to create solutions, generate ideas, and create strategies have always been better than one. Teams have so much more potential than individuals to rise to the growing current and future challenges that face all organizations.

Leadership Team Coaching

Leadership Team Coaching

We work with your leadership team to become significantly more effective in dealing with the following challenges:

  • Managing a full array of expectations
  • Running and transforming the business in parallel
  • Working effectively through systemic conflict
  • Living and functioning in multiple memberships (multiple teams)
  • Functioning freely in complexity and interconnectedness
  • Working well virtually and in person
  • Embracing the challenge of interconnection and relationship — stop focusing on the parts
  • Restoring Trust
  • Increasing the quality of engagement
  • Effective collaboration

Developing leaders in your business can help create more effective methods and practices in your workplace. The LeadOn! program from Management Possible® can help improve both your leadership teams and well as the natural leaders that are not in leadership roles. Learn more by contacting us today!

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