Are you struggling to get your managers to engage in meaningful coaching and development of their employees?

Over the last several years, coaching implementation efforts have been studied and consistently, year after year, companies find themselves struggling to get managers to spend the time actually coaching employees — even after they’ve been provided with the training and job aides to do so. The primary reasons given by managers regarding their lack of performance around coaching are:

  • Not enough time
  • Lack of accountability
  • Lack of commitment (on both employee and manager’s part)

The disconnect: Managers are promoted to, hired in, and rewarded for delivering business results. That’s what they’re good at and comfortable with, so that’s what they focus on — it’s how they choose to spend their time. Managers are focused more on the business and less on the people. It’s the mindset, not just the skill set.

CoachUP!™ Coaching Skills for Real Change is a comprehensive learning experience (and let’s emphasize the word “experience” here) that helps individual leaders and managers master what it takes to have meaningful feedback and intentional developmental interactions with employees in a regular, comfortable, competent, and effective way.

Whats the Edge?

Simple, tactical conversational techniques in addition to an easily applied coaching model that:

  • Reduces fear and anxiety around feedback
  • Re-frames the conversation to create space for change

Content. This program is designed with content specifically built for time-crunched managers. We keep it simple. We reduce ambiguity on how to coach skill development and behavior change.
Mind-Shift & Context. The context of this program makes it real and shows you how to be effective. You get coached on how to coach. This contextualized, supported experience is where your mindset shifts.
Personalization. We work with your managers on a one-to-one basis and personalize the program to make it more effective for you. This is also where mindset shifts.
Mandatory Practice. Coaching is all about practice, application, and reflection.
Speed & Scalability. You get speed because we work to scale.

Who is it For?

The CoachUP! program is designed dynamically for managers and leaders at multiple levels. Management Possible® content flexibly targets the skill application toward mid-level managers through to executive-level leaders so you gain increased personal effectiveness regardless of where in the organization your management group sits. No matter the level of your managers, they will gain valuable knowledge and develop skills in how to properly and effectively coach their employees.

Skills & Outcomes

The CoachUp! program does three things:
  • Provides Approach & Tools – tactical not theoretical.
  • Engages an Experience – practice and apply with a coach.
  • Takes the Time – to mature the capability.
Your managers will also:
  • Serve as a model for how coaching impacts your business.
  • Use coaching as a development tool.
  • Build sustainable work relationships through successful coaching.
  • Be able to develop others in coaching skills.


There is a 2-day workshop followed by one on one coaching sessions over 12 weeks, which guarantees your managers will be using the skills they’ve learned and gaining mastery of them through the learning experience.

What to Expect:
  • 84-day learning curve.
  • Up to 25 participants per workshop.
  • Appropriate for any level of management.
  • Delivered by Management Possible® faculty.
  • 12 hours of live learning.
  • 12 weeks of learning, practice, and focus.
  • Program licensing and Train the Trainer Certification is available.

If you want your managers to develop their skills in coaching employees in an effective and impactful way, our CoachUP! program can help. We will be able to teach managers at any level how to become a better coach and shift their mindset, allowing them to really make a change in your business. Be sure to contact Management Possible to learn more!

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