Managers have been asked to double-down on their ability to both deliver results through their people as well as develop them. The CoachED™ program can help get them there. Unlocking human potential is critical for your business success, making it an important part of your managers’ roles.

Managers are over-committed and overwhelmed, and typically not held accountable for the “how” (performance), only for the “what” (results). Without accountability, there is no real commitment to fully engage in significant improvement or development. CoachED is a better coaching foothold and toolbox. It instills accountability first and then adds disciplined practice around coaching. Managers gain both skills on how to coach as well as learn what to coach — increasing traction to shift the culture.

Your managers need to get coachED™

Whats the Edge?

A better coaching toolbox that includes both “how” to coach and “what” to coach.

Content. Managers can immediately start to apply what they learn.

Context. This program is put into a context that makes it real and shows you how. You get personalized coaching from an experienced and certified Performance & Engagement Coach™ on how to work your issues in your world.

Personalization. We work with your managers on a one-to-one basis on their issues and personalize the program to their needs.

Mandatory Practice. Coaching is all about practice, application, and reflection. Practicing will help your managers grow and develop.

Who is it For?

The CoachED program is designed dynamically for managers and leaders with some experience. Management Possible® uses content that offers flexibility to target mid-level managers to executive-level leaders so you gain increased personal effectiveness regardless of where in the organization your management group sits. This program will help your leaders and managers develop more effective coaching skills that can benefit your business.

Skills & Outcomes

CoachED combines two critical skill sets: managing performance daily and coaching for development. This combination fundamentally lifts the baseline of your management capabilities. It’s tactical, practical, and fast.

CoachED transforms employee performance, drives accountability, improves critical thinking, and develops the capabilities and potential of your employees.

Managers have clarity around both how to coach daily as well as what to coach.


This experience includes two workshops. Workshops are delivered over time to allow learning and mastery over the first skill set on managing performance and experiencing coaching, along with a personal learning curve. The second workshop increases the skill set and leaders are then coached on how to coach.

What to Expect:
  • 133-day learning curve.
  • Up to 25 participants per workshop.
  • Appropriate for experienced and mid-level management.
  • Delivered by Management Possible® faculty.
  • 40 hours of live learning.
  • 19-weeks of practice and focus.

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Your business and the development of employees depends greatly on your leaders and managers. If they are not effective and efficient coaches and don’t help the rest of the team develop, they may not be helping your company as much as they could. The CoachED program from Management Possible can help your managers become better coaches by teaching them both how and what to coach. Contact us to learn more about this program and get started today!

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